Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Nova Interview with Ash, Kip and Luttsy
Talking with the boys at Nova was AWESOME. I went through the door just after 8am and as soon as got in to the room I heard, whispered, “Hi, Will. Just take a seat- you’re on”.
I felt really comfortable and managed to not keep it too serious and have a laugh. More importantly, I spread my message telling people to get out and do something of epic proportions and that physically, we’re capable of so such. Also of the amazing services provided by the inspiration organisation that is Youngcare.
Check out the Interview – as I was also able to drop the next big challenge………

Saturday, 24 November 2012

Double amputee runs 1000 Miles for Barnados

G’day all. Ever thought about running 1000 Miles? I guessed not…
Well, this guy – Chris Moon – a double amputee is a true inspiration who ran 1000 miles for Charity – the Barnados Believe in Children Appeal covering 36 miles/ day.
I believe the cause and the words, “Believe in Children” resembles, quite closely, what Youngcare is all about. For me, it signifies that just because something may be disabled and unable to do very little physically without assistance, it doesn’t mean you should lose faith in their strengths and their capabilities.
The mind of so many disabled people is there. Just because they’re needing care, it doesn’t mean they such live their lives in an environment that opposes their abilities and their state of mind. I’ve said it before, but though Aged Care Facilities do an AMAZING JOB, it is not a suitable place for young people.
So, if you see somebody on the street who is disabled – don’t feel sorry for them. But look at them as people who can still achieve great things. There are many disabled people out there performing amazing feats each and every day.
Good on you, Chris Moon, for your courage and shining a light on people all around the World. I salute you!

Marathons 36 to 41!

Marathons 36 to 41 have been awesome. I am running very well and with sound fluidity. It’s hard – feeling this good – not to break out in a sprint at various times. I have inspired to do so, that for sure.
Things to note:
I’d found myself running lighter on my feet which, I have found to come with more conscious attention to my core.
 Recently I have become an addict at staring at other runners- analysing and wanting to tell them slight changes they could make to make running so much easier and so much more fun.
The majority of my thinking has been in way of the next 12 months and mine and Zoe’s pending travel – departing on December, 8th going to Singapore, Hong Kong, Halong Bay and Hui (Vietnam) Bangkok, Paris, London, Derbyshire, LA, San Fran, Disneyland, Boston and New York. Professionally, I’m thinking about meeting my Trans-America goal. About how I can inspire others, following. Also, how I can create good in the World and for Non-Profit Organisations through running.
Next year is about making it happen and taking life by the scruff-of-the-neck. I can’t wait.
So, my times:
Marathon 36 – 3 hours, 50 Mins,
Marathon 37 – 3 hrs, 46 mins
Marathon 38 – 3 hrs, 34 mins
Marathon 39 – 3 hrs, 49 mins
Marathon 40 – 3 Hrs, 37 Mins
Marathon 41 – 3 Hrs, 42 Mins
I’ve been feeling so amazing and my running has consequently been of a high standard.

Interview and video with the BRISBANE TIMES

Friday, 23rd of November – and I really enjoyed my time with Cameraman Scott – legend – filming a video and being interviewed about the 50 Marathons.
We had a good laugh (I think) and I enjoyed Scott’s laid-back approach.
Thank you Brisbane Times for allowing me to reiterate the cause and pending event to everyone in Brissy and making it clear my future goals and hopes with my desire to break the Trans-America Record.
At the time, In Southbank, there was also a running event on called Invincible – raising money for Research (I didn’t find out what for?). But they all seemed like really nice people and I hope the day and their fundraising was a great success! I forgot to mention, too - what a beautiful day for running, it was!

My day with the Bayside runners and walkers!

I’ve never run with a club before and haven’t ever really been tempted in joining.
However, having spent time yesterday with the warm and accepting people at Bayside runners and walkers, I’m now a convert. I’d never wanted the serious aspect of running to be a central figure – I run for pure enjoyment. But, yesterday, I realised that Bayside are a group that is Community First and Running second.
Me and the Wife will be making frequent trips down when we return from travelling – and I can’t wait. It won’t be about training and instead, I look forward to the community feel and hopefully just pacing and supporting others to meet their targets and goals.
I enjoyed talking yesterday, it was very inspirational for me.
Thank you Bayside!

Saturday, 17 November 2012

5 keys to Chi Running

Last weekend I managed to get in to Body Leadership and work with Paul Trevethan in producing a couple of videos looking at Chi Running keys and how to create a longer running lever using trigger point therapy.
Check out the attached video and following, check out the Body Leadership website or Youtube channel and see what other awesome videos they have to advance your learning – maximising the understanding of your body.

Marathons 31-35: Increasing ground feel

A conclusion reiterated over the past 5 marathons is the importance of correct footwear in improving ground feel.
Particularly with barefoot/ neutral running – it is incredibly important to wear a pair of shoes that doesn’t off-set our natural running gait. It wasn’t until the Nike running shoes, “the Cortez” were released in the 80’s in order to change how runners previously ran – in order to increase stride length and thus, speed – that many common injuries were caused.
It was with this technology, too, that the “heel – striker” syndrome really came about. Following on, shoes were being made from various shoe companies boasting various types of support. As shoes became thicker and more slanted and less “neutral” the new common running injuries came to the forefront.
In line with my beliefs – previously written about – concerning my love for chi running and developing a neutral running style is the importance of barefoot and neutral running shoes.
There are many good shoes now on the market. Nike, ironically, are really doing well with the Nike “Free runs” currently the most identifiable neutral shoe.
A pair of running shoes I moved on to with trails, after adapting chi running wearing vibrams, were the New Balance Minimus. There have been various editions and currently, New Balance really boast some terrific neutral shoes – again, particularly for trail.
What I also find importance and most people would think – “really” – is the wearing of socks. I DON’T WEAR SOCKS. It’s  personal choice but you feel more free, you have greater ground feel and a higher level of proprioception which really forces you to become a better runner and something you may not expect – when I wear socks I get the odd blister and when running without socks, I don’t get any blisters, at all.
I tried wearing and not wearing socks this week to look at the differences and it was immense how much better I ran without socks. I suggest buying shoes that allow you to run without socks. Check out the link attached. Also, running is so much more fun without socks!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Marathons 31 to 35.........

The last few days I have just been enjoying each run. I haven’t been chasing great times or anything, just relaxing and thinking about running as a philosophy. Thinking about how I/ we can run further and further, without really having to overwork.

You may have read before? But, I’m wanting to, next year, do something really big with running across the US being the ideal challenge! I want to complete this challenge in a record time and in order to achieve this, I don’t think simply pushing your body and working hard to be how you face the challenge. I believe having a good understanding of your body and being able to respond to physical warning signs as the most important elements. In order to break the record, as opposed to running a marathon each day, I wish to master running 3 marathons in a day, whilst maintaining good health and strong recovery. You may be thinking – “that’s not possible??” but, I want to show that it is.

There are running books out there where runners achieve so many amazing feats, but a common theme is the portrayal of these individuals as superhuman. They’re incredible, sure….. but my aim, as a normal human being, is that we’re all capable of amazing things.

Anyways, the times this last few days:

31 – 3:46
32 – 3:51
33 – 3:56
34 – 3:47
35 – 3:52

I shall be including in the following post, my major conclusion from the past runs…..

Sunday, 11 November 2012

Making a Running and Trigger Point Video at Body Leadership Physiotherapy

As already posted about, Body Leadership - run by the wonderful Paul Trevethan and his lovely wife, Ange - is a incredible Physiotherapy clinic in Brisbane that support local athletes in helping out with the local community whilst also, providing an incredible, passionate, multi-disciplinary approach in their treatment methods. It is Incredible! (it's also excellent for workplace injury prevention)

Since contacting me, Paul has been incredibly supportive and on Sunday I got to go down to Coorparoo and Paul and I - being naturals in front of the camera (#cough) (Paul is....) - made a couple of videos. The first video being about Chi running - discussing the core principles and what's important to reflect and focus on when running in order to go further and run progressively without injury.

This technique was then applied to Trigger Point release technique in a second video - looking at how to relieve tension following runs to maximise performance and reduce chances of injury. For example, have you ever had a knot taken out of your neck?? Not many people are away that this can be done all over the body. Paul is incredible at tension release and creating preventive measures in reducing these symptoms.

The videos should up uploaded soon on the attached site and I'd upload them too, soon.


Marathons 26 - 30 (including a DOUBLE-MARATHON!)

It's been a few days since following up on writing about my most recent runs but, here is an update of the recent running times:

Day 26 - 3: 41
Day 27 -  Decided to run my own personal run (ran, but without measuring anything - please read below)
Day 28 - DOUBLE-MARATHON: 3:40 and then 3:53
Day 29 - 3:46
Day 30 - 3:43

The last few days have been very advancing. I've learned so much and the challenge is starting to dwindle and I'm currently looking at spicing things up.

Day 26 was straight-forward... just a beautiful morning and a gorgeous Temperature. What I particularly enjoyed was taking a slight detour and running across the Story Bridge. I always enjoy that run - particularly early in the morning - as the views of the City (BNE) are spectacular. So, before the sun has completely risen it's an excellent time to run the bridge without being over-heated.

Day 27 I set off on my run and had done about 5 miles but it's didn't feel right. The run was just not inspiring me. I felt like I was running "through-the-motions". I wasn't tired, I just wanted a challenge. I've always said I wanted to run for my love and whenever things don't feel amazing, to evaluate why. MONOTONY  on the day had set in.
I decided I needed a challenge. When I began the marathons on the scale of 1 - 10 the factor of how hard I found the challenge was around an 8. It's reached a point where it now feels about a 1/2. I decided I needed a challenge so, a DOUBLE-MARATHON instead was on for day 28.
 I continued my run on to work and just ran for the love.

Day 28 was double-marathon day. I ran one particularly early in the drizzle which was SO REFRESHING. In Brizzy it can get hot (you're probably aware). So, to go for a run and come back not feeling even mildly dehydrated was great. I ran the first with the next run in mind, with good techique, and managed to pull a 3:40 still out of the bag. I didn't feel achey at all following - I listened to my body and made sure I kept running through my running checklist.

My Wife and I then went to the cinema and we saw "The Sessions", a sensation at Sundance, which I recommend!, before setting off on my second run.

The second run was awesome. I bit nippy and again, so refreshing. I ran slower, made sure that I relaxed my feet and body and managed to run a 3:53. You'll be surprised to hear I was LESS ACHEY AFTER THE SECOND MARATHON THAN THE FIRST. The second run was very soothing and really helped the recovery process.

Day 29 and 30 - two more beautiful runs with times of 3:46 and 3:43.


Front page on the local Rag ("Wragg") - The MATLOCK MERCURY

With the Help of my lovely Sister, Emily, my local paper kindly printed the story of my challenge to reach the 50 Marathon Milestone. Actually it made front page ;) (wink)

I want to say thanks, to my Sister but, also, Christina Massey at the paper for writing a nice story that explains why I'm doing what I'm doing and why I will always continue to support Youngcare.

Thanks the to "Matlock Mercury"!

ENDURA...Another incredibly kind company

Endura are another wonderfully kind company to have provided great support.

The lovely Zoe wrote to endura on my behalf to ask for whatever they could provide with regards to running Gels, Electrolytes,. etc. They followed up by showing great willingness to support me by making up a package of various nutritional aids to help me for the remainder of my challenge and I want to give thanks to Endura.

Before I embarked on my challenge I was informed just how kind Endura were with good causes and needless to say they hae seriously gone above-and-beyond.

Endura provide a superb range of Nutritional aids for whatever you require - whether it's energy supplements, muscle gain aids,. whatever. Different situations call for different approaches nutritionally and I have found Endura to provide the perfect product for any situation.

Check out the Endura website today and thank you Endura for all that you do!

MIZUNO: So Kindly supplying us with accessories for our events and giving me a free pair of Wave Ascend 7 shoes and running apparel

With the event soon on the horizon, Zoe and I have received many kind offers of support from various companies.

Mizuno are one company to have shown great support. As well as providing accessories to raffle off at the event to generate donations, they were also so supportive in my running as to provide a free pair of shoes and Mizuno apparel.

I don't just like Mizuno because they give free stuff, however. Mizuno - as you'll read in the attached link - are the only running/ sports brand, of high stature, out there that is a still a family owned company.

With the majority of World Brands out there floating on the stockmarket, it's great to have a company stand by its original ethos and continue to create amazing shoes/ clothing year after year.

With a pair of Mizuno you get a pair of shoes that are always a beautiful shape, they're strong, light and always provide great moveability of the foot and they never require being broken in.

Thanks to all of those at Mizuno for their kindness and willingness to help others. If you've never bought a pair of Mizuno, I heavily suggest giving them a go!

Wednesday, 7 November 2012



So, I’m half way there.

Compared with when I started this venture, I feel terrific. What comes with running comes experience and physical adaptation. Along the way you learn – from other runners, trial-and-error with your technique and even reading blogs, hear quotes or whatever and all of these experiences contribute to a runner’s development.

For example, a couple of days ago I was reading the blog of Anton Krupicka – trails running legend (see attached link) and on the blog was one of my favourite quotes I first read reading “On the Run”. It’s a quote from the book of Lieh-Tzu that states –

“ The ideal in the Lieh-Tzu is a state, not a withdrawal, but of heightened perceptiveness and responsiveness in an undifferentiated World. My Mind concentrated and body relaxed, bones and flesh fused completely, I drifted with the wind East or West, Like a leaf from a tree or a dry husk, and never knew whether it was the wind that rode me or a rode the wind”

The quote really made me focus on relaxing my body. How this helps is that the absorption of forces improves and it reduces the tension in your joints; lessening chances of injury and makes running so much fun.

Anyways, the times for the last four days are as follows:

Day 22 – 3:40
Day 23 – 3:41
Day 24 – 3:47
Day 25 – 3:44

Monday, 5 November 2012

Geoff Roes: Somebody who, like me, runs for the solitude and tranquility

I admire Geoff Roes, as like me he runs for the solitude and tranquillity running brings.
Originally from New York, Geoff now divides his time between Alaska and Colorado – running in the most beautiful and steep terrains. #jealousy#
Before races, Geoff has been known to stay in Mountains on his lonesome for a whole week soaking up the atmosphere of sheer beauty and the silence of the outdoors, in nature. (I Think Zoe would be a bit scared if I was out by myself!)
As well as being known as a kind person, and as somebody who lives for the mountains (as do I) I also started to admire Geoff following his Western States victory in 2010. Not because of his win but, because he came from behind and gained some serious ground to smash it home to a then course record. The spirit he showed simply exemplifies his courage – on one of those days where your body can just feel great.
It’s like that particularly in Australia. When the weather isn’t warm – wet or windy – that doesn’t bother me, but it’s the heat that can slow you down. It’s enjoyable, but if your intake of salts isn’t good and you set off too fast, you can start to feel sick a couple of hours in. You always need to be weary of this condition.

Saturday, 3 November 2012

The reasons to run: with Marshall Ulrich

Running is something our bodies were designed to do – to hunt, move and get from A to B. It’s why our bodies have a thermoregulation system, for example….we sweat. Our bodies are rather complex but, they’re capable of some amazing things.

In a modern day World, less and less people do run. We have cars, do can have your groceries delivered to your house! They’re even such things as drive-through Pharmacies….Crazy. Our phones can do pretty much anything so we don’t even need to think and spelling is really taught in Schools anymore. Mr ipad thinks for us.

There are still people out there who are less hesitant to give up their natural abilities. People still run, purely for the love.

Marshall Ulrich, for example, just loves to run. Marshall Ulrich was began running following the premature Death of his wife about 30 or so years ago and hasn’t stopped since. Take a look at the link and read about the books he wrote, following his grand run across the states. And listen the feelings that occurred with the death of his wife and how running has helped him along the years.

Paul, Ange and the amazing people at Body Leadership!!!!

Day 21 and the most inspirational day so far!

Today I was fortunate enough to spend time at Body Leadership In Coorparoo! The other day I was contacted by Paul and the guys at Body Leadership, simply offering their help!

What is Body Leadership? BL is a Work Injury Solutions and Physiotherapy Centre that has been working to improve quality of lives since 2001. It’s run by Paul and Ange Trevethan who, I must say, are the a couple of the kindest people I have ever met.

What makes them so special is that they love to give back. They provide a strong assistance to the Bayside runners, who are a non-profit running club and every year, Youngcare organise an epic challenge – the Simpson Desert challenge – 350 miles of hiking across the most difficult terrain you can imagine for which Paul and Ange are there to help those participants who want to meet their goals in completing the task and thus, give back to Youngcare.

So Paul and I, joined by the lovely Zoe, talked about joining forces to educate others around our passions and how, moving forward, combining our knowledge on physiotherapy and running can improve one-another’s abilities. What’s great about the services at BL is that Paul and his team provide should a wide range of education and prevention services. As the title of the company suggests, they want to help people take control of their body’s in enabling a long term positive standard of living.

I loved hearing Paul’s philosophies, particularly because, my passions as a runner concerns our abilities, as humans to go long distances. In achieving this, understanding all about our body and gaining an education and awareness of every feeling and warning sign our body gives us and being able to respond accordingly – allowing us to go stronger, further and faster, whilst maintaining our health and preventing injury.

It’s not often that people who love to give back are recognised and I want to tell everyone out there about that kindness. Not only their kindness but their fantastic, one-of-a-kind treatment services that include Hydrotherapy, Physiotherapy, Pilates and exercise classes, workplace services, rehab and injury prevention and so much more. Particularly if you’re a runner, an athlete or is somebody who wants to me able to become more active without harming your body, the guys are Body Leadership are the people you need to see. They also offered to help out with our Youngcare event on December 2nd! I could talk all day about these amazing people.

If you want to check out more about Body Leadership, please check out their site which I have linked to this post. On there, there are also videos blogged that give a great taster about how BL can help you and how to prevent against pain moving forward.



Marathons 20 and 21!!!! The importance of arm movement!!!!
Marathons 20 and 21 were all about good form running. I decided on Friday – day 20 – to slow is down and look at my run. I kept good form and listened to my body. I thought about the small things and one thought that was consistent was form and positioning of my arms.

Not taking in to consideration arm positioning when running is a mistake made by various runners, particularly in the latter stages of races. You see inexperienced runners swinging their arms like they’re bowling or picking up their arms and running like a pterodactyl.

I find my body to feel relaxed when I concentrate and moving my arms backwards with small movements.

The video attached by Runner and Doctor, DR MacDonald gives light on why this may be. So, when you’re out running next give it some thought and see if these tips help you out in the latter stages of your run!

Marathon 20

I ran a steady time of 3:55. I was actually planning on going slower! But runners will know, it’s hard to slow your pace y too much before ego has its say. The run allowed me to think through mechanical issues. I ironed out my thought and feelings on foot placement. The run also made me realise that with a good position held, it’s not too bad on my body physically to go faster in my runs!  I ran slower today with the view of putting in to play my conclusions in to Marathon 21.

Marathon 21

Today I ran later with cooler temps, but using what I took from the run prior, I ndecided to have a cheeky fast run. I was concerned about the effects this may have for Sunday’s run! But I’d been watching a few videos about Scott Jurek, the Tarahumara and Timothy Olsen and hey, I wanted to treat myself to faster run. I ran 3:30 which is good and best case scenario. I feel great, the only issue is that I used a lot more fluids and with regards to my salts – I think an extra electrolyte tablet, or two, is in order.

I know too that at about the 2:30 point, I had a sprint in me. I did not blow my quads, calves…anything. My body was feeling excellent and I definitely could have put an hour + sprint in. Though not running a mile over 9 minutes for the entire run was a really good achievement. I feel very happy about the run.


Thursday, 1 November 2012

Timothy Olsen - From Drug Addict to Western States Champion!

Can you imagine going from being a drug addict to one of the greatest Athletes in your Sport? That's exactly what Timothy Olsen did and that's where my love and respect for Timothy began.

Ultrarunning, though an incredible fast-growing sport all over the World, is still considered a niche sport but, the people that compete are incredibly driven, dedicated and courageous (as you can expect).

Some people are born athletes, whereas Timothy was not. He didn't particularly dominate as a Junior athlete in School and what great is that he is an athlete who simply works incredibly hard for what he achieves.

Timothy Olsen, in 2012's Western States 100 (the Ultra running Olympic Final), broke the record, smashing the course to record a time of 14 hours and 46 Minutes

This may just be a time for you - but comprehend in that time he ran an incredibly difficult, steep, challenging and diverse 100.2 Mile course against a group of incredibly talented Men and Women.

Congratulations to Timothy for turning his life around and in the process, start to become one of the World Greats in the process.

An inspiration to anybody and everybody!


Why running makes us happy! :Scientific explanation
I’m a really happy person. At a time when people think I’d be falling asleep at my desk and unable do anything I ironically feel fresh, less tired and incredibly happy and fulfilled.

I believe people nowadays are too comfortable. People often quote as having a tough life. But, the general struggles of yester-year aren’t really there and people are wrapped up in cotton wool. Because of this, are people living, and not thriving?

I am thriving. With running, every day I feel a sense.. not of contentment….but of euphoria. I guess when I run – images become more clearly pixalated? Colours are brighter! I see things I otherwise wondered see, think or even hear. I also feel great clarity and a sense of self pride.

But why is this? Why am I so happy? Is it just a coincidence that I run an intense amount each day/ week?? Or does running enhance my mood, purely with my constant boosts of the ‘happy hormones’.

Can running make us Happy? Read the Scientific explanation attached and find out for yourself.


Just a small note: but today (November 1st) I was running on to the Green Bridge to enter the University of Queensland Campus and I swear I saw 25 Cockatoos in flight together singing their “Goo goo gah gah” chirpy song.

If you ever see Zoe (my wife), please ask her to do her Cockatoo impression. She’s a pro!

I truly love seeing animals in packs and in their natural surroundings, particularly when the sun is about to come up!

Marathons 16,17, 18 and 19!!!!!

No matter what you may think, I’m feeling fresher and fresher. Why is that? May it’s because I’m improving as a runner? I certainly believe so. I’m becoming stronger. I’ve become more conservative in letting my technique doing the talking – focussing on a solid lean and positioning as opposed to creating forces with my legs/ feet/ body.
But, I’ve been running well. Times haven’t been as fast as other days but, as the days have gone on I’m understanding more about what I want to take out of the runs. I ran my first Marathon in 3:40. Looking at the adventure, I believe my aim is not to be running much faster (I mean I won’t be going too much faster without daily sprint finishes) but, improving my ability to finish a race and feel as if I could run another marathon right away.
I feel like I’m there. The last few days I’ve found myself springing around and feeling filled with energy, even at the finish line (my House or, at work!)
My Times have been:
Day 16 – 3:37
Day 17 – 3:42
Day 18- 3:50
Day 19- 3:45
My goal/s for the next week well, up until December 2nd (50th day) is to improve my efficiency. Over the next few days, I plan on going slower. Not too much slower! But slowing down to improve my ability to finish feeling like I haven’t run at all. And only once my efficiency is up, start to increase my speed again with whatever technique changes that I take on board!

Marshall Ulrich: Removes Toe nails to train harder and further!
Marshall Ulrich. Legend! Whatever person surgically has his toenails removed in order to run more is great. I find this decision just so interesting and hilarious.

Marshall Ulrich goes down in history for his performances running across Death Valley in various events – particularly Badwater – where he was a multiple Champion.

The blog, “Rundangerously” is about Marshall’s quest to run across America – from San Fran to NY – in which he achieved the Master’s record.

Check it out, and read about the life of a runner who was so passionate for a runner’s lifestyle, he sacrificed his toe nails. Epic!

Sunday, 28 October 2012

Marathons 13, 14 and 15 and Movember!!!!!

So, the last few days it has been fairly surreal – Radio interviews, News interviews/ stories, people asking me “if I’m Will”, people shouting “Run Forrest run” and “Good on ya, Bro!”, had stop-and-chats, had people ask me running Q’s like I’d know the answers. New experiences, but a hectic and thoroughly enjoyable twist of events.

Another new experience has been, despite the Forrest Gump comparisons is shaving off the beard. I LOVE MY BEARD. IT WILL BE BACK! But, as you’ll know – we’re coming in to November and it’s time to do good in the cause of Prostate cancer with MOVEMBER. I have a moustache pending – so will I be going to the thin Craig David? the Poirot pencil? The Tom Selleck? Curly Frenchman?? Who knows?? (suggestions welcome).


Knowing a few people have recognised me (this won’t happen again past Tuesday, at the latest) I’ve focused better and I have ironic taken is slower. I’ve reduced the degrees of freedom in my technique and made sure my muscles have relaxed a little more around my hips.

I came home yesterday from number 14 and the wife said ‘It looked like I’d only walked around the block’. It was the same today. And that what it felt like. I’m getting better and feeling more and more comfortable.

The times for Marathons 13, 14 and 15 have been 3:37, 3:33 and 3:31

A cyclist asked me questions yesterday alongside me and asked my times and when I said what I’d averaged he was shocked. But honestly, you can get up good speed whilst being extra- conservative. A good time doesn’t necessarily mean you’re working harder.
One thing of note: For a change I've run more in the City as opposed to by the River the past few days and I've much preferred the added stimuli

Are there Superhumans and can Lactate levels be reduced during exercise?

I have attached the episode of “Superhuman” – a show created by Stan Lee in an attempt to find genuine superhumans.
Is Dean Karnazes a superhuman? A simple answer, “No”. He’s an incredible athlete – but not one of the fastest. For sure, he hones an incredible talent to go long distances but, I believe this is something Dean has worked for.
The one point within the video that suggests otherwise are the Blood Lactate Tests.
As you know (most people) Lactic acid (inducing these lactate levels) is to put it simply, ‘when sugars are broken down to create energy in the absence of Oxygen, the by-product lactic acid is formed!’
I can comprehend Lactate levels staying low, for sure, with perfect Biochemicals but, lactate levels lowering – that is a crazy find.
So can be run so efficiently that lactate levels are reduced or, Is Dean a Superhuman? Watch the video and do your research and comment with your thoughts or, if you’re going running try and focus on your running style to see if you can prevent the onset of Lactic Acid production and working hard to improve (maximise) your threshold

The New York Marathon

I have attached both a video and a review of the NY Marathon from the perspective of a runner.

I have an obsession with the US, and I hope to live there for the majority of my years. There has always been something magical, too about the thought of NY and the NY Marathon.

Running past the idyllic and Iconic landmarks within each of the 5 boroughs, more commonly seen in a JAY Z Video or an Episode of Gossip Girl would be surreal and I don’t think I would get over the thoughts of crossing the Brooklyn Bridge with 45,000 other runners but, with that being said – I’m sure it would be insane. I guess it’s hard to enjoy the track with the human traffic spills but the energetic felt, with 2 Million spectators would certainly keep the festive-sense alive.

I would love to complete the NY Marathon for sure – but, I know it would be great for the reason of soaking up the City and the atmosphere as opposed to enjoying the course/ run itself.

Gaining acceptance to the run can be difficult an often, the best way of partaking is entering the event through a Non-profit Organisation, such as the Heart Foundation (see below):

Friday, 26 October 2012

An incredible transformation

This champ shows that with the right level of effort and dedication, the greatest transformations can be achieved. It’s a rather dramatic and inspiring video.

Nick Vujicic


Nick Vujicic is a legend. Both Zo and I believe everything happens for a reason. Nick personifies this philosophy.

The things he can do despite his disabilities are incredible. True legend!

So, Here's the appearance on the Channel Nine News!

I’m truly thankful to the guys at Channel 9 for helping to spread the word about the Youngcare Cause. The experience was incredible and Phil  and Cameraman Tom were very Interesting guys – highly appropriate for the story.

Despite my singing, which can only be describe as dismal – everything else about the video is great and really hope it helps with the cause in the coming weeks. Thanks to everyone that helped make it happen

Thursday, 25 October 2012

Marathon 12/ Day 12

So, I’ll start with work. I’m sat at my desk and it’s 10:15 am – I receive a call – ‘oh what a pleasant surprise – it’s Kathy the Marketing Guru of Youngcare’

“Will, what are you doing right now? Can we borrow you for a couple of hours? – Channel nine want to run the story with Phil Wilmington reporting”.

So off I went with Kathy and Amy from Youngcare (who I must say, are a couple of GEMS!) and we did the report at St Lucia Golf Links. Boy, Phil is a nice guy, as was the cameraman Tom.

It was excellent and I really had the opportunity to talk about what I was doing and how people can get involved and the amazing work that Youngcare do.


So, the run…………….I ran well, 3 hours and 33 minutes. My main intention was to stay focused (unlike yesterday’s run). The spirit was back. I Ran without groin pain and technique-wise – no issues.

One thing to note – I saw quite a few beautiful jumping fish, which was beautiful/ cool

Marathon 11

Day eleven, I genuinely saw a young lady driving to work whilst eating cereal. There are some safe drivers on the road, aren’t there.
Day 11’s run was not fast! With the 97.30 Interview I was a bit nervous and my concentration was so poor! And I never got going, really. I ran 3 hours, 47 mins but, I must admit – I felt pleased just finishing considering the poor mindset.
Robin, Terry and Bob seemed really nice. I mean, it seems like a bit of a blur (our chat) but I think I got the message cross about Youngcare quite well so I’m hoping that’s enough to get it played! Fingers crossed……..

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Radio interview for 97.30 Tomorrow

Tomorrow will be epic, starting with a radio interview with Robin, Terry and Bob on 97.30 at 9:00am.
I'm very excited and it's going to be a tremendous opportunity to discuss the amazing work of Youngcare!
Hopefully it'll be aired ;)

About the NorthFace Blue Mountains 100

The picture above and this post is regarding the Australia Northface 100 held in the idyllic Blue Mountains in NSW.

Out of all of the Australia Ultra events, this race is the one that attracts the Internationals performers – with the likes of Ryan Sandes and the best Ultra runner out there, Spanish legend Kilian Jornet!

Applications open towards the end of the year and I shall be hot off the gun to guarantee myself a spot in a race that is held always the weekend following my Birthday (15th of May)

Before then, I would love to be in peak shape. I hope to make my first competitive race the Dusk till Dawn 12 hour time run in February in Caboolture, QLD but between Feb and May my concern will be devoting my life for this race and planning an expedition later in the Year.

As you can see in the pic - there aren’t many places as beautiful as the Blue Mountains and the video attached shows clearly the sort of range and changes in terrain along the way!

Marathon 10 - 40 left to go!

The fastest run, so far. I ran today with a fastish tempo from the off, held a solid pace and even for a bit of a laugh at the end had a sprint, for the first time in the ten Marathons - running the final mile in 7 minutes.

I finished with a time of 3 hours, 31 mins - which is cool

Today, instead of the two 3.7 mile loops from Eagle Street, Southbank, Story Bridge and round I, instead, ran beyond Newstead Park (pictured above) and past the Gateway Bridge up to near the QLD Golf Club and I thoroughly enjoyed having a new route!

Again, I'm running well again today and I have no aches or pains.

Monday, 22 October 2012

What a 2 hour, 3 hour, and 4 hour Marathon looks like

In case you were wondering what a marathon looks like and what my times are like – check it out for yourself with a treadmill study conducted at Sheffield Hallam University with a subject running at each of the three average speeds required for these three times!

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Marathon 9 - Change of technique, slightly!

Today was AMAZING!

Loved the run and I ran a time of 3 Hours, 38 Minutes! But, as well as the good time the big thing for the day was a slight change in technique.

Running Chi style I don't really get any lower leg pain and recovery is minimal. The only pain I ever get comes after about 25+ Km's and it's a slightly sore groin.

The groin, from my Ex Phys knowledge and research is likely to be due to my slight pronation (which comes with bent legs and flat feet) and a consequent strain appearing in my adductors.

As well as the slight groin pain, often my upper thighs come really close together and generates sever chaffage which i dislike, thoroughly.

I hate not enjoying the ends of runs so, today was about sorting this out! I did alot of Research and I focussed alot on taking inspiration from videos of Anton Krupicka. Similar to watching Ballet, dance or any sport I get a great level of enjoyment watching Runners in action. I love the fluidity of Anton's style (and Scott Jurek's) also, the tenacity of Kilina Jornet. But watching Anton Videos I decided I need to focus on keeping a distance between my knees and keeping my feet facing forwards.

Not only did i maintain my technique, my speed was great and general tempo, and overall I wasn't sore at the end.

All-in-all a great day and I couldn't help but think about running 100 miles today instead of the Marathon.

Boy it was hot and sweaty, though!


I just wanted to say a big thank you everyone for your well-wishes and donations and general response to what I'm doing and trying to achieve.
Doing things like I'm doing makes me realise just how people really are.

Thanks everyone!

Saturday, 20 October 2012


My favourite Olympic video. Very inspiring

The legend that s Derek Redmond.

A week in view - Running in Brisbane

So a week of Marathoning down and here’s what I’ve noticed around Brisbane and how, for those who have not seen Aus/ Brisbane, how it compares to the gorgeous running in the UK and even compared with the US.

One initial difference is how many parrots I see. Particularly when running Northside along the river up-and-around Newstead and definitely New Farm – Lorikeets galore. For those don’t know what a Lorikeet is, they’re quite like Parakeets and are truly beautiful.



Another difference – Seeing people Commuting to work in their Kayaks. Yes, you read it right – I have seen people hop on their kayaks with lunch in-hand and their bags with all their necessary goods, take off down the Bris River, passing alongside the CityCats (public transport boats down the river) and I can’t imagine a cooler/ more beautiful way to travel to work.

Another great thing is the sheer beauty. I have travelled to many Cities around the World but, Hands down – Brisbane for me, slightly ahead of Paris, is the most quaint at night. In particular the views from the Story Bridge at night looking down in to Eagle Street and Kangaroo Point. Absolutely Beautiful.

The final major difference is the energy. I set off to work or run after work and there are just so many people running and cycling, rollerblading and even Kick biking. One of the best things about living in Aus are the early starts and just how active people are in their spare time.

Oh, and if you’re about-and-about or plan on visiting Bris. One of the finest times of year is spring and the bright Jacarandas that pop up all around the city. Check out New Farm Park or UQ Campus for prime spots!

Marathon 8!!!!

What a killer of  day!!!!

Truly, today has been so humid but, despite the heat there was a subtle breeze that made it possible.

I ran pretty well today, in despite of my lack of preparations. I guess I was slacked and didn’t buy any electrolytes and didn’t re-fuel liquids well enough last name. So I set off, and with it being a Sunday, the day of rest, I thought I’d take it easy.

I ran 3 Hours 52 Minutes and that was pretty good, considering. This weekend I have set off late both days and I really have to get back to my 4:30am set off, from tomorrow and for the remaining 42 days, in order to meet the best possible times.

I loved the run though and today has been quite gorgeous, as well as sweltering.

I ran through a Bus stop this morning and Got a fright. I thought nobody was around so I’m just running and singing, as you do, and there’s was shocked that a teen was lying on a bench. I had not noticed her at all, so that gave me a fright.

The other day, too, I was running past the boats at the start of Eagle street pier and the biggest water dragon lizard ran about a cm from my shoe. I’m not scared of them at all, but to have the beast rock up basically on my shoe made me dance a country and western dancer.

All-in-all though, another good day. I’m feeling focused again moving in to the new week. Next weekend I am certainly intent on being a lot more on-my-game!

Marathons 6 and 7 - THE HEAT IS ON......

Today and yesterday have both been scorchers! Particularly Today, with highs well above 30 degrees centigrade and I checked the Weather on Google today which suggested highs of up to 39 imminent for Monday.

So, Friday the 19th, October and today the 20th I got times of:

Friday – 3 Hours 40 Mins

Today, Sat 19th – 3 Hours and 34 Mins

I’m noticing so much about the city covering so much ground on foot. I’m enjoying seeing the city move and watching the sun rise and heat set in. Today I set off later at roughly 6am and it was already 25 Degrees and for the majority of the run I was running in temps of 32/ 33 degrees – uuurrrrgh!

The most horrible part of the run today was having my nipples so chaffed that I finished the run run and had blood dribbling from both nipples. I have a picture which I’ll post sometime soon. It’s proper rank!

I’ve noticed that with the runs I have become less and less hungry. The first Marathon I have three sandwiches and I could have nailed down a couple more. Today I didn’t get hungry once and could have gone the whole race without eating – but simply forced a PB sanga down for general Health Reasons.

I am now going to be reporting on what I’ve noticed running in Brisbane over the past year, but particularly over the last 7 Marathons!

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Chi Running - if you want to run pain and injury free, check out this video!!!!!

The video attached explains how easy it can be to make some small changes for some incredible improvements in your running style and energy efficiency. Listen with an open mind, take the tips on board and give it a go!

Marathons 2 to 5 -I'm feeling great!!!!!!!!!!!

I haven’t had the opportunity to update the blog each evening due to running the marathons after work (between 4pm and 8pm) so, later on in the week I switched over to running my races in the am. So How did they go?:


Continuing on from my initial run of 3hours, 40 mins, my times have continued in a similar vein with the following times:

Day 2 – 3 Hours, 35 Mins
Day 3 – 3 Hours, 45 Mins
Day 4 – 3 Hours, 39 Mins
Day 5 – 3 Hours, 55 Mins
Nutrition, Sleep, Physical issues
You know what…I’ve been feeling great. From the off I have concentrated on Chi Running and making sure that my lower body has not been put to strain. As a result, I have continued extensive effort-free running which really has created the most relaxing week ever!
But don’t take this the wrong way…running a marathon isn’t easy, at all! But by running less means the 20 hours recover between runs has been more than is required and I’ve been able to set off feeling completely fresh each day.

And with a marathon always brings the mental strife and physical struggles you may think. But with a good attitude and correct mechanics, it can be a very achievable thing.

I’ve mainly been stuffing my face with avocados and Grain bread and boy, what a great snack. Not only is it filling and provides so many good fats, my wife is also being turned on my healthy looking, sexy toe nails!
For sure, the hardest part of the week were days 4 and 5.
It became apparent quite quickly that by running the nights would make organising and fundraising more difficult. So on day 4, Wednesday night, I decided to really relax my legs and take it slow – reducing my recovery time to complete another marathon the following morning. Having returned home just before 8pm, I was in bed within 20 mins and before I knew it, it was 4 am and I was off for Marathon number 5.

You probably think I’m a lunatic for getting up at 4am to run a marathon but stuffing your face with food in the early hours and feeling the adrenaline pumping through your body subconsciously in preparation really is an exciting moment.

Lucky for me, my concentration and race plan Wednesday evening made for a really enjoyable run on Thursday morning.