Saturday, 3 November 2012

Marathons 20 and 21!!!! The importance of arm movement!!!!
Marathons 20 and 21 were all about good form running. I decided on Friday – day 20 – to slow is down and look at my run. I kept good form and listened to my body. I thought about the small things and one thought that was consistent was form and positioning of my arms.

Not taking in to consideration arm positioning when running is a mistake made by various runners, particularly in the latter stages of races. You see inexperienced runners swinging their arms like they’re bowling or picking up their arms and running like a pterodactyl.

I find my body to feel relaxed when I concentrate and moving my arms backwards with small movements.

The video attached by Runner and Doctor, DR MacDonald gives light on why this may be. So, when you’re out running next give it some thought and see if these tips help you out in the latter stages of your run!

Marathon 20

I ran a steady time of 3:55. I was actually planning on going slower! But runners will know, it’s hard to slow your pace y too much before ego has its say. The run allowed me to think through mechanical issues. I ironed out my thought and feelings on foot placement. The run also made me realise that with a good position held, it’s not too bad on my body physically to go faster in my runs!  I ran slower today with the view of putting in to play my conclusions in to Marathon 21.

Marathon 21

Today I ran later with cooler temps, but using what I took from the run prior, I ndecided to have a cheeky fast run. I was concerned about the effects this may have for Sunday’s run! But I’d been watching a few videos about Scott Jurek, the Tarahumara and Timothy Olsen and hey, I wanted to treat myself to faster run. I ran 3:30 which is good and best case scenario. I feel great, the only issue is that I used a lot more fluids and with regards to my salts – I think an extra electrolyte tablet, or two, is in order.

I know too that at about the 2:30 point, I had a sprint in me. I did not blow my quads, calves…anything. My body was feeling excellent and I definitely could have put an hour + sprint in. Though not running a mile over 9 minutes for the entire run was a really good achievement. I feel very happy about the run.


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