Thursday, 1 November 2012

Why running makes us happy! :Scientific explanation
I’m a really happy person. At a time when people think I’d be falling asleep at my desk and unable do anything I ironically feel fresh, less tired and incredibly happy and fulfilled.

I believe people nowadays are too comfortable. People often quote as having a tough life. But, the general struggles of yester-year aren’t really there and people are wrapped up in cotton wool. Because of this, are people living, and not thriving?

I am thriving. With running, every day I feel a sense.. not of contentment….but of euphoria. I guess when I run – images become more clearly pixalated? Colours are brighter! I see things I otherwise wondered see, think or even hear. I also feel great clarity and a sense of self pride.

But why is this? Why am I so happy? Is it just a coincidence that I run an intense amount each day/ week?? Or does running enhance my mood, purely with my constant boosts of the ‘happy hormones’.

Can running make us Happy? Read the Scientific explanation attached and find out for yourself.

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