Sunday, 11 November 2012

MIZUNO: So Kindly supplying us with accessories for our events and giving me a free pair of Wave Ascend 7 shoes and running apparel

With the event soon on the horizon, Zoe and I have received many kind offers of support from various companies.

Mizuno are one company to have shown great support. As well as providing accessories to raffle off at the event to generate donations, they were also so supportive in my running as to provide a free pair of shoes and Mizuno apparel.

I don't just like Mizuno because they give free stuff, however. Mizuno - as you'll read in the attached link - are the only running/ sports brand, of high stature, out there that is a still a family owned company.

With the majority of World Brands out there floating on the stockmarket, it's great to have a company stand by its original ethos and continue to create amazing shoes/ clothing year after year.

With a pair of Mizuno you get a pair of shoes that are always a beautiful shape, they're strong, light and always provide great moveability of the foot and they never require being broken in.

Thanks to all of those at Mizuno for their kindness and willingness to help others. If you've never bought a pair of Mizuno, I heavily suggest giving them a go!

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