Sunday, 11 November 2012

ENDURA...Another incredibly kind company

Endura are another wonderfully kind company to have provided great support.

The lovely Zoe wrote to endura on my behalf to ask for whatever they could provide with regards to running Gels, Electrolytes,. etc. They followed up by showing great willingness to support me by making up a package of various nutritional aids to help me for the remainder of my challenge and I want to give thanks to Endura.

Before I embarked on my challenge I was informed just how kind Endura were with good causes and needless to say they hae seriously gone above-and-beyond.

Endura provide a superb range of Nutritional aids for whatever you require - whether it's energy supplements, muscle gain aids,. whatever. Different situations call for different approaches nutritionally and I have found Endura to provide the perfect product for any situation.

Check out the Endura website today and thank you Endura for all that you do!

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