Saturday, 24 November 2012

Interview and video with the BRISBANE TIMES

Friday, 23rd of November – and I really enjoyed my time with Cameraman Scott – legend – filming a video and being interviewed about the 50 Marathons.
We had a good laugh (I think) and I enjoyed Scott’s laid-back approach.
Thank you Brisbane Times for allowing me to reiterate the cause and pending event to everyone in Brissy and making it clear my future goals and hopes with my desire to break the Trans-America Record.
At the time, In Southbank, there was also a running event on called Invincible – raising money for Research (I didn’t find out what for?). But they all seemed like really nice people and I hope the day and their fundraising was a great success! I forgot to mention, too - what a beautiful day for running, it was!

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