Saturday, 24 November 2012

Marathons 36 to 41!

Marathons 36 to 41 have been awesome. I am running very well and with sound fluidity. It’s hard – feeling this good – not to break out in a sprint at various times. I have inspired to do so, that for sure.
Things to note:
I’d found myself running lighter on my feet which, I have found to come with more conscious attention to my core.
 Recently I have become an addict at staring at other runners- analysing and wanting to tell them slight changes they could make to make running so much easier and so much more fun.
The majority of my thinking has been in way of the next 12 months and mine and Zoe’s pending travel – departing on December, 8th going to Singapore, Hong Kong, Halong Bay and Hui (Vietnam) Bangkok, Paris, London, Derbyshire, LA, San Fran, Disneyland, Boston and New York. Professionally, I’m thinking about meeting my Trans-America goal. About how I can inspire others, following. Also, how I can create good in the World and for Non-Profit Organisations through running.
Next year is about making it happen and taking life by the scruff-of-the-neck. I can’t wait.
So, my times:
Marathon 36 – 3 hours, 50 Mins,
Marathon 37 – 3 hrs, 46 mins
Marathon 38 – 3 hrs, 34 mins
Marathon 39 – 3 hrs, 49 mins
Marathon 40 – 3 Hrs, 37 Mins
Marathon 41 – 3 Hrs, 42 Mins
I’ve been feeling so amazing and my running has consequently been of a high standard.

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  1. Inspirational stuff. I am inspired by your marathon efforts. I started a crazy 12 marathons in 12 months project but injured myself after month two and haven't been able to run since. I was running to raise awareness within the transgender community that we are not limited by our gender histories.

    While this first attempt didn't go to plan, I am inspired by watching your progress because I too have experienced shin splints for all my adult life. Those are now healed and the resulting SIJ readjustment is almost complete so chi running here I come and then I can refocus on how I too can use running for good (like attempting my 12 in 12 challenge again in 2014 or maybe even running the whole Bibbulmun Track).

    In the meantime ... I will keep following your blog and learning as much as I can about improving my technique.

    Was great to meet you on Saturday. I can't believe you remembered me and my Vibram FFs from Flinders Tour. Andrew