Sunday, 21 October 2012

Marathon 9 - Change of technique, slightly!

Today was AMAZING!

Loved the run and I ran a time of 3 Hours, 38 Minutes! But, as well as the good time the big thing for the day was a slight change in technique.

Running Chi style I don't really get any lower leg pain and recovery is minimal. The only pain I ever get comes after about 25+ Km's and it's a slightly sore groin.

The groin, from my Ex Phys knowledge and research is likely to be due to my slight pronation (which comes with bent legs and flat feet) and a consequent strain appearing in my adductors.

As well as the slight groin pain, often my upper thighs come really close together and generates sever chaffage which i dislike, thoroughly.

I hate not enjoying the ends of runs so, today was about sorting this out! I did alot of Research and I focussed alot on taking inspiration from videos of Anton Krupicka. Similar to watching Ballet, dance or any sport I get a great level of enjoyment watching Runners in action. I love the fluidity of Anton's style (and Scott Jurek's) also, the tenacity of Kilina Jornet. But watching Anton Videos I decided I need to focus on keeping a distance between my knees and keeping my feet facing forwards.

Not only did i maintain my technique, my speed was great and general tempo, and overall I wasn't sore at the end.

All-in-all a great day and I couldn't help but think about running 100 miles today instead of the Marathon.

Boy it was hot and sweaty, though!

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