Wednesday, 7 November 2012



So, I’m half way there.

Compared with when I started this venture, I feel terrific. What comes with running comes experience and physical adaptation. Along the way you learn – from other runners, trial-and-error with your technique and even reading blogs, hear quotes or whatever and all of these experiences contribute to a runner’s development.

For example, a couple of days ago I was reading the blog of Anton Krupicka – trails running legend (see attached link) and on the blog was one of my favourite quotes I first read reading “On the Run”. It’s a quote from the book of Lieh-Tzu that states –

“ The ideal in the Lieh-Tzu is a state, not a withdrawal, but of heightened perceptiveness and responsiveness in an undifferentiated World. My Mind concentrated and body relaxed, bones and flesh fused completely, I drifted with the wind East or West, Like a leaf from a tree or a dry husk, and never knew whether it was the wind that rode me or a rode the wind”

The quote really made me focus on relaxing my body. How this helps is that the absorption of forces improves and it reduces the tension in your joints; lessening chances of injury and makes running so much fun.

Anyways, the times for the last four days are as follows:

Day 22 – 3:40
Day 23 – 3:41
Day 24 – 3:47
Day 25 – 3:44

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