Tuesday, 23 October 2012

About the NorthFace Blue Mountains 100


The picture above and this post is regarding the Australia Northface 100 held in the idyllic Blue Mountains in NSW.

Out of all of the Australia Ultra events, this race is the one that attracts the Internationals performers – with the likes of Ryan Sandes and the best Ultra runner out there, Spanish legend Kilian Jornet!

Applications open towards the end of the year and I shall be hot off the gun to guarantee myself a spot in a race that is held always the weekend following my Birthday (15th of May)

Before then, I would love to be in peak shape. I hope to make my first competitive race the Dusk till Dawn 12 hour time run in February in Caboolture, QLD but between Feb and May my concern will be devoting my life for this race and planning an expedition later in the Year.

As you can see in the pic - there aren’t many places as beautiful as the Blue Mountains and the video attached shows clearly the sort of range and changes in terrain along the way!

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