Saturday, 3 November 2012

The reasons to run: with Marshall Ulrich

Running is something our bodies were designed to do – to hunt, move and get from A to B. It’s why our bodies have a thermoregulation system, for example….we sweat. Our bodies are rather complex but, they’re capable of some amazing things.

In a modern day World, less and less people do run. We have cars, do can have your groceries delivered to your house! They’re even such things as drive-through Pharmacies….Crazy. Our phones can do pretty much anything so we don’t even need to think and spelling is really taught in Schools anymore. Mr ipad thinks for us.

There are still people out there who are less hesitant to give up their natural abilities. People still run, purely for the love.

Marshall Ulrich, for example, just loves to run. Marshall Ulrich was began running following the premature Death of his wife about 30 or so years ago and hasn’t stopped since. Take a look at the link and read about the books he wrote, following his grand run across the states. And listen the feelings that occurred with the death of his wife and how running has helped him along the years.

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