Saturday, 20 October 2012

A week in view - Running in Brisbane

So a week of Marathoning down and here’s what I’ve noticed around Brisbane and how, for those who have not seen Aus/ Brisbane, how it compares to the gorgeous running in the UK and even compared with the US.

One initial difference is how many parrots I see. Particularly when running Northside along the river up-and-around Newstead and definitely New Farm – Lorikeets galore. For those don’t know what a Lorikeet is, they’re quite like Parakeets and are truly beautiful.



Another difference – Seeing people Commuting to work in their Kayaks. Yes, you read it right – I have seen people hop on their kayaks with lunch in-hand and their bags with all their necessary goods, take off down the Bris River, passing alongside the CityCats (public transport boats down the river) and I can’t imagine a cooler/ more beautiful way to travel to work.

Another great thing is the sheer beauty. I have travelled to many Cities around the World but, Hands down – Brisbane for me, slightly ahead of Paris, is the most quaint at night. In particular the views from the Story Bridge at night looking down in to Eagle Street and Kangaroo Point. Absolutely Beautiful.

The final major difference is the energy. I set off to work or run after work and there are just so many people running and cycling, rollerblading and even Kick biking. One of the best things about living in Aus are the early starts and just how active people are in their spare time.

Oh, and if you’re about-and-about or plan on visiting Bris. One of the finest times of year is spring and the bright Jacarandas that pop up all around the city. Check out New Farm Park or UQ Campus for prime spots!

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