Thursday, 18 October 2012

Marathons 2 to 5 -I'm feeling great!!!!!!!!!!!

I haven’t had the opportunity to update the blog each evening due to running the marathons after work (between 4pm and 8pm) so, later on in the week I switched over to running my races in the am. So How did they go?:


Continuing on from my initial run of 3hours, 40 mins, my times have continued in a similar vein with the following times:

Day 2 – 3 Hours, 35 Mins
Day 3 – 3 Hours, 45 Mins
Day 4 – 3 Hours, 39 Mins
Day 5 – 3 Hours, 55 Mins
Nutrition, Sleep, Physical issues
You know what…I’ve been feeling great. From the off I have concentrated on Chi Running and making sure that my lower body has not been put to strain. As a result, I have continued extensive effort-free running which really has created the most relaxing week ever!
But don’t take this the wrong way…running a marathon isn’t easy, at all! But by running less means the 20 hours recover between runs has been more than is required and I’ve been able to set off feeling completely fresh each day.

And with a marathon always brings the mental strife and physical struggles you may think. But with a good attitude and correct mechanics, it can be a very achievable thing.

I’ve mainly been stuffing my face with avocados and Grain bread and boy, what a great snack. Not only is it filling and provides so many good fats, my wife is also being turned on my healthy looking, sexy toe nails!
For sure, the hardest part of the week were days 4 and 5.
It became apparent quite quickly that by running the nights would make organising and fundraising more difficult. So on day 4, Wednesday night, I decided to really relax my legs and take it slow – reducing my recovery time to complete another marathon the following morning. Having returned home just before 8pm, I was in bed within 20 mins and before I knew it, it was 4 am and I was off for Marathon number 5.

You probably think I’m a lunatic for getting up at 4am to run a marathon but stuffing your face with food in the early hours and feeling the adrenaline pumping through your body subconsciously in preparation really is an exciting moment.

Lucky for me, my concentration and race plan Wednesday evening made for a really enjoyable run on Thursday morning.

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