Sunday, 28 October 2012

Are there Superhumans and can Lactate levels be reduced during exercise?

I have attached the episode of “Superhuman” – a show created by Stan Lee in an attempt to find genuine superhumans.
Is Dean Karnazes a superhuman? A simple answer, “No”. He’s an incredible athlete – but not one of the fastest. For sure, he hones an incredible talent to go long distances but, I believe this is something Dean has worked for.
The one point within the video that suggests otherwise are the Blood Lactate Tests.
As you know (most people) Lactic acid (inducing these lactate levels) is to put it simply, ‘when sugars are broken down to create energy in the absence of Oxygen, the by-product lactic acid is formed!’
I can comprehend Lactate levels staying low, for sure, with perfect Biochemicals but, lactate levels lowering – that is a crazy find.
So can be run so efficiently that lactate levels are reduced or, Is Dean a Superhuman? Watch the video and do your research and comment with your thoughts or, if you’re going running try and focus on your running style to see if you can prevent the onset of Lactic Acid production and working hard to improve (maximise) your threshold

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