Thursday, 1 November 2012

Timothy Olsen - From Drug Addict to Western States Champion!

Can you imagine going from being a drug addict to one of the greatest Athletes in your Sport? That's exactly what Timothy Olsen did and that's where my love and respect for Timothy began.

Ultrarunning, though an incredible fast-growing sport all over the World, is still considered a niche sport but, the people that compete are incredibly driven, dedicated and courageous (as you can expect).

Some people are born athletes, whereas Timothy was not. He didn't particularly dominate as a Junior athlete in School and what great is that he is an athlete who simply works incredibly hard for what he achieves.

Timothy Olsen, in 2012's Western States 100 (the Ultra running Olympic Final), broke the record, smashing the course to record a time of 14 hours and 46 Minutes

This may just be a time for you - but comprehend in that time he ran an incredibly difficult, steep, challenging and diverse 100.2 Mile course against a group of incredibly talented Men and Women.

Congratulations to Timothy for turning his life around and in the process, start to become one of the World Greats in the process.

An inspiration to anybody and everybody!


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