Saturday, 24 November 2012

Double amputee runs 1000 Miles for Barnados

G’day all. Ever thought about running 1000 Miles? I guessed not…
Well, this guy – Chris Moon – a double amputee is a true inspiration who ran 1000 miles for Charity – the Barnados Believe in Children Appeal covering 36 miles/ day.
I believe the cause and the words, “Believe in Children” resembles, quite closely, what Youngcare is all about. For me, it signifies that just because something may be disabled and unable to do very little physically without assistance, it doesn’t mean you should lose faith in their strengths and their capabilities.
The mind of so many disabled people is there. Just because they’re needing care, it doesn’t mean they such live their lives in an environment that opposes their abilities and their state of mind. I’ve said it before, but though Aged Care Facilities do an AMAZING JOB, it is not a suitable place for young people.
So, if you see somebody on the street who is disabled – don’t feel sorry for them. But look at them as people who can still achieve great things. There are many disabled people out there performing amazing feats each and every day.
Good on you, Chris Moon, for your courage and shining a light on people all around the World. I salute you!

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