Saturday, 20 October 2012

Marathons 6 and 7 - THE HEAT IS ON......

Today and yesterday have both been scorchers! Particularly Today, with highs well above 30 degrees centigrade and I checked the Weather on Google today which suggested highs of up to 39 imminent for Monday.

So, Friday the 19th, October and today the 20th I got times of:

Friday – 3 Hours 40 Mins

Today, Sat 19th – 3 Hours and 34 Mins

I’m noticing so much about the city covering so much ground on foot. I’m enjoying seeing the city move and watching the sun rise and heat set in. Today I set off later at roughly 6am and it was already 25 Degrees and for the majority of the run I was running in temps of 32/ 33 degrees – uuurrrrgh!

The most horrible part of the run today was having my nipples so chaffed that I finished the run run and had blood dribbling from both nipples. I have a picture which I’ll post sometime soon. It’s proper rank!

I’ve noticed that with the runs I have become less and less hungry. The first Marathon I have three sandwiches and I could have nailed down a couple more. Today I didn’t get hungry once and could have gone the whole race without eating – but simply forced a PB sanga down for general Health Reasons.

I am now going to be reporting on what I’ve noticed running in Brisbane over the past year, but particularly over the last 7 Marathons!

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