Saturday, 17 August 2013

Running Injury Free Revolution News Article

Thanks to the Brisbane Times!!!!!

With RIFREV gaining pace, it's really great for an article to be printed in such a good newspaper.

In line with the article, me, Paul and Ange are really excited for the future and truly hope RIFREV takes off, as we fight the International stigma that exercise and running specifically results in injuries.

Helping society to be educated and understand how to move in a way that combats the common injuries is really rewarding and if you haven't already, check out our videos and online resources today at 

Thanks again Brissy times and Helen Sabel for helping to get the article out there!

Sunday, 11 August 2013

Leo Lighter, a 100 mile runner at 84 years old and planning for some 24 hour runs at the age of 85!

A Complete an utter legend!

Meet Leo Lightner. At the age of 84 years old runs over 25 miles a week and even ran a 100 mile event in his 85th year on our planet!

And he's not slowing down - planning on running a 24 hour event as an 85 year old!

People always say to me when I say I coach running and teach how to running injury free - "I wish I wasn't too old and could still run!". Well, great news, for 99% of you, YOU STILL CAN!

People find reasons why not to run regarding time, potential injuries, mythical articles and mis-informed resources and a lack of understanding but running is a sport for pretty much anyone.

Running is shown to slow the ageing process, improved psychological functioning, fight against depression, make you live long, improve cholesterol levels, improve blood pressure recording etc etc etc etc.....

People often however reflect of the belief that running causes injuries and that running brings on osteoarthritis! That's wrong. Certainly, running "wrong" can. But, learn how to optimise your body and I truly believe that running is an incredible tool to prevent against osteoarthritis and bone density issues and disorders , in general.

Leo is an amazing person and character! I hope people read about this amazing 84 year old twice-timed stroke surviving running legend and get out and hit the tracks! If Leo can still be running 100 mile events, there's no excuse for 99% to be able to run a mile!

Cheers, Will

Hamstring length! Fight off Hammy tightness and make running more enjoyable.......

Hamstring tightness can be a symptom that can truly hold you back as a runner. Understanding how to lengthen and strengthen the hamstrings can help keep any hamstrings injuries at may, and can prevent this tightness and pain from inhibiting technique and performance.

Learning how to move and utilise Gravity in making running effortless!


By understanding how we move and how to utilise Gravity as we move is crucial.

When we swim, we accept that mechanics are key because we can see our resistance (our resistance being water). Because we can't see Gravity, we simply presume that we can run, and run correctly.

Have you ever stayed straight and keeping your body in this column and leant forwards until you felt yourself stumble? That's Gravity acting, and pushing us forwards, in-motion. Understanding how to run at this tipping point ("Sweet spot") will mean you can create movement without over-working your muscles and will make running way easier.

Check out this video and find out how this is possible!!!!!!!!!!!!!

IDA DEMPSEY. Check out her story - as a stroke survivor and her mission to claw back to become a marathoner re-born and her steps to achieve this

Dear All,

This is the amazing Ida. Ida is a stroke survivor. Ida is not only a "stroke survivor" but is one of the most inspirational people I have recently crossed paths with, at least online!

I'm so happy to be able to help mentor Ida in her return with some advice and support and coaching; ensuring Ida does as she suggests, and shows stroke who's the boss! She's an incredible person so please check out her website, and read her to-do list, post-stroke below....I find it so inspirational and to go from where she was to where she's looking forward to is nothing short of Magic.

Thanks for being an inspiration to all, in particular fellow stroke-survivors, Ida! You're amazing!!!!!!!

1. TO BE ABLE TO WALK - without assistance

* Get off a wheelchair
* Stop using a walking frame
* Stop using a walking stick
* go to the toilet on own
* walk up and down stairs

*stop slapping that foot down while walking!


*talk clearly and in a tangible sentence


4. TO BE ABLE TO HAVE A SHOWER and self care - without assistance





8. FIND STROKE SURVIVOR FRIENDS - people that know what you are going through


10. DO A BUSH WALK - high degree of difficulty

11. FUN RUN with the family




15. BACK TO WORK (yep, this isn't a priority)!

The last few months - AND THE START OF THE RUNNING INJURY FREE REVOLUTION! Running Injury Free Revolution is the result of passionate people wanting to draw runners to the fact that running doesn't have to mean injuries. We're centred by the belief that, "RUNNING DOESN'T CAUSE INJURIES, RUNNING WRONG DOES" because, the way we look at things "EVERY RUNNER HAS THE RIGHT TO RUN INJURY FREE, FOREVER!"

Running Injury Free Revolution is the result of myself, Paul and Angela Trevethan. I met the "Trevethans" - Paul, Director of Body Leadership Australia and Physio and his Wife Ange, Former professional Ballet Dancer, Pilates Genius and marketing whiz when they offered me their support during the 50 marathons. Their giving nature along with what I soon realised, their equalling belief and passion regarding "prevention" and the belief that running and exercise didn't cause injuries, but performing those activities without any strategies set in place did, we started to work together.

We ended up soon making videos about running. Before we knew it, we had our first Running Injury Free Workshops happening around Brisbane. And resultantly, just over three weeks ago, we launched RIFREV - Running Injury Free Revolution!

We, as a company, are driven towards making free online resources for runners all around the World, for providing workshops and awareness, as well as providing in clinic sessions and online analysis to help runners all around the World to be empowered by understanding their bodies in running injury free.

The response, thus far, has been incredible and we're fully enjoying watching the company grow at this point and in to the future.

Please subscribe to our website, Like us on facebook and if you're local, check out one of our free workshops or sign up for a session with myself. We'll be bringing workshops to neighbouring cities soon but, wherever you reside, we have many helpful  tips and strategies online!

Check us out and we hope you enjoy the resources we provide!



On June 16th, on the back of the success of the Youngcare fundraiser, I was proudly asked to run with fundraisers for the first ever CITY2South run in Brisbane.

On the day I thoroughly enjoyed running with the Youngcare co-fundraisers.

With 10,000 people on the starting line, and it being the first year run, I thought there could be a rush at the start line. Surprisingly, the whole run felt so organised and well-marshalled.

What an amazing day and a spectacular run which I hope to be involved in for future years! I can't wait for the race to prosper and eventually hit the same numbers as the City2Surf and the 85,000 masses.

The Event organisers certainly made the City of BNE very proud!

The Youngcare Fundraiser

To Mark the end of the 50th Marathons, with the support and the superior marketing skills and organisation skills of my Wife, Zoe, we hosted an amazingly successful fundraiser.

The fundraiser marked various things but, significantly, as well as raising $11000, it helped to significantly raise the profile of Youngcare.

Having the opportunity to speak, alongside fellow speakers was very exciting and a lot of people were able to go away from the occasion feeling inspired towards fundraising and running.

Here below is a link from my speaking. It's not too clear (not the best sound quality), but it summarised my experiences during the 50 days - my struggles, motivations and the techniques I used to succeed. I hope you enjoy the watch! It's a bit embarrassing really but, oh well.......Cheers, Will.

Marathons 42 to 50!

At the end of the 50 Marathons, I stopped blogging. I went overseas and it became out of sync from my lifestyle.

I'm back and blogging and am going to be back with force.

Here was the list of my final Marathons that I ended up running - Marathons 42 to 50 that brought my runs to a close; resulting in the end result of the 50 Marathons and our successful fundraiser - raising $11000 for Youngcare.


42 - 3:53 Hrs
43 - 3:50 Hrs
44 - 3:35 Hrs
45 -  3:47 Hrs
46 -  4:00 Hrs
47 - 3:33 Hrs
48 - 3:51 Hrs
49 - 3:58 Hrs
50 - 3:20 Hrs