Sunday, 28 October 2012

Marathons 13, 14 and 15 and Movember!!!!!

So, the last few days it has been fairly surreal – Radio interviews, News interviews/ stories, people asking me “if I’m Will”, people shouting “Run Forrest run” and “Good on ya, Bro!”, had stop-and-chats, had people ask me running Q’s like I’d know the answers. New experiences, but a hectic and thoroughly enjoyable twist of events.

Another new experience has been, despite the Forrest Gump comparisons is shaving off the beard. I LOVE MY BEARD. IT WILL BE BACK! But, as you’ll know – we’re coming in to November and it’s time to do good in the cause of Prostate cancer with MOVEMBER. I have a moustache pending – so will I be going to the thin Craig David? the Poirot pencil? The Tom Selleck? Curly Frenchman?? Who knows?? (suggestions welcome).


Knowing a few people have recognised me (this won’t happen again past Tuesday, at the latest) I’ve focused better and I have ironic taken is slower. I’ve reduced the degrees of freedom in my technique and made sure my muscles have relaxed a little more around my hips.

I came home yesterday from number 14 and the wife said ‘It looked like I’d only walked around the block’. It was the same today. And that what it felt like. I’m getting better and feeling more and more comfortable.

The times for Marathons 13, 14 and 15 have been 3:37, 3:33 and 3:31

A cyclist asked me questions yesterday alongside me and asked my times and when I said what I’d averaged he was shocked. But honestly, you can get up good speed whilst being extra- conservative. A good time doesn’t necessarily mean you’re working harder.
One thing of note: For a change I've run more in the City as opposed to by the River the past few days and I've much preferred the added stimuli

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