Saturday, 20 October 2012

Marathon 8!!!!

What a killer of  day!!!!

Truly, today has been so humid but, despite the heat there was a subtle breeze that made it possible.

I ran pretty well today, in despite of my lack of preparations. I guess I was slacked and didn’t buy any electrolytes and didn’t re-fuel liquids well enough last name. So I set off, and with it being a Sunday, the day of rest, I thought I’d take it easy.

I ran 3 Hours 52 Minutes and that was pretty good, considering. This weekend I have set off late both days and I really have to get back to my 4:30am set off, from tomorrow and for the remaining 42 days, in order to meet the best possible times.

I loved the run though and today has been quite gorgeous, as well as sweltering.

I ran through a Bus stop this morning and Got a fright. I thought nobody was around so I’m just running and singing, as you do, and there’s was shocked that a teen was lying on a bench. I had not noticed her at all, so that gave me a fright.

The other day, too, I was running past the boats at the start of Eagle street pier and the biggest water dragon lizard ran about a cm from my shoe. I’m not scared of them at all, but to have the beast rock up basically on my shoe made me dance a country and western dancer.

All-in-all though, another good day. I’m feeling focused again moving in to the new week. Next weekend I am certainly intent on being a lot more on-my-game!

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