Saturday, 17 November 2012

Marathons 31 to 35.........

The last few days I have just been enjoying each run. I haven’t been chasing great times or anything, just relaxing and thinking about running as a philosophy. Thinking about how I/ we can run further and further, without really having to overwork.

You may have read before? But, I’m wanting to, next year, do something really big with running across the US being the ideal challenge! I want to complete this challenge in a record time and in order to achieve this, I don’t think simply pushing your body and working hard to be how you face the challenge. I believe having a good understanding of your body and being able to respond to physical warning signs as the most important elements. In order to break the record, as opposed to running a marathon each day, I wish to master running 3 marathons in a day, whilst maintaining good health and strong recovery. You may be thinking – “that’s not possible??” but, I want to show that it is.

There are running books out there where runners achieve so many amazing feats, but a common theme is the portrayal of these individuals as superhuman. They’re incredible, sure….. but my aim, as a normal human being, is that we’re all capable of amazing things.

Anyways, the times this last few days:

31 – 3:46
32 – 3:51
33 – 3:56
34 – 3:47
35 – 3:52

I shall be including in the following post, my major conclusion from the past runs…..

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