Sunday, 28 October 2012

The New York Marathon

I have attached both a video and a review of the NY Marathon from the perspective of a runner.

I have an obsession with the US, and I hope to live there for the majority of my years. There has always been something magical, too about the thought of NY and the NY Marathon.

Running past the idyllic and Iconic landmarks within each of the 5 boroughs, more commonly seen in a JAY Z Video or an Episode of Gossip Girl would be surreal and I don’t think I would get over the thoughts of crossing the Brooklyn Bridge with 45,000 other runners but, with that being said – I’m sure it would be insane. I guess it’s hard to enjoy the track with the human traffic spills but the energetic felt, with 2 Million spectators would certainly keep the festive-sense alive.

I would love to complete the NY Marathon for sure – but, I know it would be great for the reason of soaking up the City and the atmosphere as opposed to enjoying the course/ run itself.

Gaining acceptance to the run can be difficult an often, the best way of partaking is entering the event through a Non-profit Organisation, such as the Heart Foundation (see below):

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