Saturday, 3 November 2012

Paul, Ange and the amazing people at Body Leadership!!!!

Day 21 and the most inspirational day so far!

Today I was fortunate enough to spend time at Body Leadership In Coorparoo! The other day I was contacted by Paul and the guys at Body Leadership, simply offering their help!

What is Body Leadership? BL is a Work Injury Solutions and Physiotherapy Centre that has been working to improve quality of lives since 2001. It’s run by Paul and Ange Trevethan who, I must say, are the a couple of the kindest people I have ever met.

What makes them so special is that they love to give back. They provide a strong assistance to the Bayside runners, who are a non-profit running club and every year, Youngcare organise an epic challenge – the Simpson Desert challenge – 350 miles of hiking across the most difficult terrain you can imagine for which Paul and Ange are there to help those participants who want to meet their goals in completing the task and thus, give back to Youngcare.

So Paul and I, joined by the lovely Zoe, talked about joining forces to educate others around our passions and how, moving forward, combining our knowledge on physiotherapy and running can improve one-another’s abilities. What’s great about the services at BL is that Paul and his team provide should a wide range of education and prevention services. As the title of the company suggests, they want to help people take control of their body’s in enabling a long term positive standard of living.

I loved hearing Paul’s philosophies, particularly because, my passions as a runner concerns our abilities, as humans to go long distances. In achieving this, understanding all about our body and gaining an education and awareness of every feeling and warning sign our body gives us and being able to respond accordingly – allowing us to go stronger, further and faster, whilst maintaining our health and preventing injury.

It’s not often that people who love to give back are recognised and I want to tell everyone out there about that kindness. Not only their kindness but their fantastic, one-of-a-kind treatment services that include Hydrotherapy, Physiotherapy, Pilates and exercise classes, workplace services, rehab and injury prevention and so much more. Particularly if you’re a runner, an athlete or is somebody who wants to me able to become more active without harming your body, the guys are Body Leadership are the people you need to see. They also offered to help out with our Youngcare event on December 2nd! I could talk all day about these amazing people.

If you want to check out more about Body Leadership, please check out their site which I have linked to this post. On there, there are also videos blogged that give a great taster about how BL can help you and how to prevent against pain moving forward.



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