Sunday, 11 November 2012

Marathons 26 - 30 (including a DOUBLE-MARATHON!)

It's been a few days since following up on writing about my most recent runs but, here is an update of the recent running times:

Day 26 - 3: 41
Day 27 -  Decided to run my own personal run (ran, but without measuring anything - please read below)
Day 28 - DOUBLE-MARATHON: 3:40 and then 3:53
Day 29 - 3:46
Day 30 - 3:43

The last few days have been very advancing. I've learned so much and the challenge is starting to dwindle and I'm currently looking at spicing things up.

Day 26 was straight-forward... just a beautiful morning and a gorgeous Temperature. What I particularly enjoyed was taking a slight detour and running across the Story Bridge. I always enjoy that run - particularly early in the morning - as the views of the City (BNE) are spectacular. So, before the sun has completely risen it's an excellent time to run the bridge without being over-heated.

Day 27 I set off on my run and had done about 5 miles but it's didn't feel right. The run was just not inspiring me. I felt like I was running "through-the-motions". I wasn't tired, I just wanted a challenge. I've always said I wanted to run for my love and whenever things don't feel amazing, to evaluate why. MONOTONY  on the day had set in.
I decided I needed a challenge. When I began the marathons on the scale of 1 - 10 the factor of how hard I found the challenge was around an 8. It's reached a point where it now feels about a 1/2. I decided I needed a challenge so, a DOUBLE-MARATHON instead was on for day 28.
 I continued my run on to work and just ran for the love.

Day 28 was double-marathon day. I ran one particularly early in the drizzle which was SO REFRESHING. In Brizzy it can get hot (you're probably aware). So, to go for a run and come back not feeling even mildly dehydrated was great. I ran the first with the next run in mind, with good techique, and managed to pull a 3:40 still out of the bag. I didn't feel achey at all following - I listened to my body and made sure I kept running through my running checklist.

My Wife and I then went to the cinema and we saw "The Sessions", a sensation at Sundance, which I recommend!, before setting off on my second run.

The second run was awesome. I bit nippy and again, so refreshing. I ran slower, made sure that I relaxed my feet and body and managed to run a 3:53. You'll be surprised to hear I was LESS ACHEY AFTER THE SECOND MARATHON THAN THE FIRST. The second run was very soothing and really helped the recovery process.

Day 29 and 30 - two more beautiful runs with times of 3:46 and 3:43.


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