Saturday, 24 November 2012

My day with the Bayside runners and walkers!

I’ve never run with a club before and haven’t ever really been tempted in joining.
However, having spent time yesterday with the warm and accepting people at Bayside runners and walkers, I’m now a convert. I’d never wanted the serious aspect of running to be a central figure – I run for pure enjoyment. But, yesterday, I realised that Bayside are a group that is Community First and Running second.
Me and the Wife will be making frequent trips down when we return from travelling – and I can’t wait. It won’t be about training and instead, I look forward to the community feel and hopefully just pacing and supporting others to meet their targets and goals.
I enjoyed talking yesterday, it was very inspirational for me.
Thank you Bayside!

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  1. That's what BRW is all about: community and fun :) I am not a club guy. But I've been with BRW since August 2011 and love it. Looking forward to seeing you down at the bakery after a cruise along the waterfront when you get back from holidays. We run from 6am rain or shine every Saturday (even when it's still dark and cold in winter). But we all secretly just come for the bakery session ;)