Thursday, 1 November 2012

Marathons 16,17, 18 and 19!!!!!

No matter what you may think, I’m feeling fresher and fresher. Why is that? May it’s because I’m improving as a runner? I certainly believe so. I’m becoming stronger. I’ve become more conservative in letting my technique doing the talking – focussing on a solid lean and positioning as opposed to creating forces with my legs/ feet/ body.
But, I’ve been running well. Times haven’t been as fast as other days but, as the days have gone on I’m understanding more about what I want to take out of the runs. I ran my first Marathon in 3:40. Looking at the adventure, I believe my aim is not to be running much faster (I mean I won’t be going too much faster without daily sprint finishes) but, improving my ability to finish a race and feel as if I could run another marathon right away.
I feel like I’m there. The last few days I’ve found myself springing around and feeling filled with energy, even at the finish line (my House or, at work!)
My Times have been:
Day 16 – 3:37
Day 17 – 3:42
Day 18- 3:50
Day 19- 3:45
My goal/s for the next week well, up until December 2nd (50th day) is to improve my efficiency. Over the next few days, I plan on going slower. Not too much slower! But slowing down to improve my ability to finish feeling like I haven’t run at all. And only once my efficiency is up, start to increase my speed again with whatever technique changes that I take on board!

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