Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Yiannis Kouros - The Greatest Ever runner


When people think of Ultramarathons and Ultrarunning they think Dean Karnazes.This is the only real Ultrarunner to have made his way in to the public eye. However, there are many runners greater than him out there, with no disrespect intended, who far-exceed his ability.

The GREATEST RUNNER OF ALL TIME can surely not be contested as being Yiannis Kouros. I only stumbled across the heroics of the Greek God recently and reading his feats, I literally could not believe it.

Please check out his website and particularly his records section and the number of World Records he holds, it's scary.

Not only has he achieved the long distances, he runs them much faster than anyone else.

He is famed for saying, 'The Difference is when people get tired they stop, I DON'T. I tell my body I am not tired and he listens to me'.

Complete Legend.

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