Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Jesper Olsen - running around the World.


Check the link out above. There have been various attempts to run around the World and I advise checking on reading worldrun.org to hear more about Jesper Olsen's adventure.

Running 50 Marathons consecutively seems daunting I'm sure but, can you imagine this for multiple years?? I think it's would be so inspiring to do and gaining the energy wouldn't be all that difficult for all of the landscapes you would take in.

To create an adventure, however, you don't need to go around the World. Life goes at a hectic pace and I truly believe that running gives me the simplicity and the Green-space and feeling of adventure that allows me to function in such a complicated time.

So, if you're feeling like you need an adventure...honestly, buy some shoes or dig out your shoes, maybe get some tips on running and head to the nearest bushland/ hills/ valleys/ lake/ Ocean and run it to see what experiences come your way. And if you aren't up to running at this time, just hike...... it'll make you feel a whole lot better and so much more fulfilled!

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