Sunday, 11 August 2013

The Youngcare Fundraiser

To Mark the end of the 50th Marathons, with the support and the superior marketing skills and organisation skills of my Wife, Zoe, we hosted an amazingly successful fundraiser.

The fundraiser marked various things but, significantly, as well as raising $11000, it helped to significantly raise the profile of Youngcare.

Having the opportunity to speak, alongside fellow speakers was very exciting and a lot of people were able to go away from the occasion feeling inspired towards fundraising and running.

Here below is a link from my speaking. It's not too clear (not the best sound quality), but it summarised my experiences during the 50 days - my struggles, motivations and the techniques I used to succeed. I hope you enjoy the watch! It's a bit embarrassing really but, oh well.......Cheers, Will.

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