Sunday, 11 August 2013

Leo Lighter, a 100 mile runner at 84 years old and planning for some 24 hour runs at the age of 85!

A Complete an utter legend!

Meet Leo Lightner. At the age of 84 years old runs over 25 miles a week and even ran a 100 mile event in his 85th year on our planet!

And he's not slowing down - planning on running a 24 hour event as an 85 year old!

People always say to me when I say I coach running and teach how to running injury free - "I wish I wasn't too old and could still run!". Well, great news, for 99% of you, YOU STILL CAN!

People find reasons why not to run regarding time, potential injuries, mythical articles and mis-informed resources and a lack of understanding but running is a sport for pretty much anyone.

Running is shown to slow the ageing process, improved psychological functioning, fight against depression, make you live long, improve cholesterol levels, improve blood pressure recording etc etc etc etc.....

People often however reflect of the belief that running causes injuries and that running brings on osteoarthritis! That's wrong. Certainly, running "wrong" can. But, learn how to optimise your body and I truly believe that running is an incredible tool to prevent against osteoarthritis and bone density issues and disorders , in general.

Leo is an amazing person and character! I hope people read about this amazing 84 year old twice-timed stroke surviving running legend and get out and hit the tracks! If Leo can still be running 100 mile events, there's no excuse for 99% to be able to run a mile!

Cheers, Will

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