Sunday, 11 August 2013

The last few months - AND THE START OF THE RUNNING INJURY FREE REVOLUTION! Running Injury Free Revolution is the result of passionate people wanting to draw runners to the fact that running doesn't have to mean injuries. We're centred by the belief that, "RUNNING DOESN'T CAUSE INJURIES, RUNNING WRONG DOES" because, the way we look at things "EVERY RUNNER HAS THE RIGHT TO RUN INJURY FREE, FOREVER!"

Running Injury Free Revolution is the result of myself, Paul and Angela Trevethan. I met the "Trevethans" - Paul, Director of Body Leadership Australia and Physio and his Wife Ange, Former professional Ballet Dancer, Pilates Genius and marketing whiz when they offered me their support during the 50 marathons. Their giving nature along with what I soon realised, their equalling belief and passion regarding "prevention" and the belief that running and exercise didn't cause injuries, but performing those activities without any strategies set in place did, we started to work together.

We ended up soon making videos about running. Before we knew it, we had our first Running Injury Free Workshops happening around Brisbane. And resultantly, just over three weeks ago, we launched RIFREV - Running Injury Free Revolution!

We, as a company, are driven towards making free online resources for runners all around the World, for providing workshops and awareness, as well as providing in clinic sessions and online analysis to help runners all around the World to be empowered by understanding their bodies in running injury free.

The response, thus far, has been incredible and we're fully enjoying watching the company grow at this point and in to the future.

Please subscribe to our website, Like us on facebook and if you're local, check out one of our free workshops or sign up for a session with myself. We'll be bringing workshops to neighbouring cities soon but, wherever you reside, we have many helpful  tips and strategies online!

Check us out and we hope you enjoy the resources we provide!

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