Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc 2013


Hi Guys!
I've read many times before, one of my ultimate running dreams is to run the gruelling UTMB - Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc - in Chamonix, France (also touching in to Italy and Switzerland!).

Taking place in the French Alps, this run, has become really the beacon of true Ultra running strength. By the sounds of it, if you want to be tested as a runner, this the run to try your hand at! Some of the best have tried and failed - DNF-ing - and not just the semi-elite, but even more of the best in the World/ best ever (Scott Jurek, Geoff Roes and Anton Krupicka have all DNF'd).

The UTMB took place at the weekend and the winner of the gruelling 166 kilometre race was youngster Xavier Thevenard, beating off some incredible runners including Tim Olsen, Winner of this Year's Western States 100 miler and Julien Chorier.

Despite the success of these men, the star of the show, and somebody who really represented female athletes more than any other female athlete around the World this year to date, was Rory Bosio.

She smashed the female record and was the first Female runner to ever come in the top ten in this event and came a respectable seventh of a MASSIVE FIELD.

Rory, who attributes a lot of her successes to her strict Yoga regime, is an incredible athlete and se represented North Face and the USA in the UTMB with great courage and grace. Ladies, you should be very proud.

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